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Saturday, December 2, 2023

    Local Dancing Queen Ailsa Invites all to outdoor disco

    Local Dancing Queen Ailsa McPhee Invites all to a free – family friendly outdoor disco at Bramall Hall this Sunday. Ailsa is the Banksy of the dance world; live streaming inspiring, dance performance from public spaces.

    In the short time Ailsa has been operating as The Daily Dance she has appeared on the BBC and recently nominated for the ‘Dance for Well-being’ 2021 One Dance Awards and the ‘Disruptor for Good’ Award in the Northern Power Women Awards 2022. Ailsa’s innovative collaboration of British landscape, dance and social media draws thousands of people to join her celebration of life. “Dancing in nature releases a magic inside of you… This is the natural health service”. Are you in the mood?

    Outdoor disco at Bramall Hall

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