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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

    The Human Library Is Coming To Stockport During The Autumn


    The Human Library is coming to Stockport

    The Human Library experience is coming to Stockport this autumn—and you can be a part of it. We are looking for Stockport people willing to be a Human Book.

    Do you defy a stereotype? Are you like an open book with valuable experiences readers could benefit from learning about? Are you motivated to help challenge stigma and stereotypes through dialogue and personal conversations? Then maybe you can be published as a Human Book in our Library.

    The Human Library is a rare opportunity in today’s polarised society to explore, engage and take a deep dive into curious courageous questioning, daring discovery of difference, and conversation with cultures other than your own, all without risk of offence being taken or your language/knowledge having to be perfect. In this Library you check out a Human Book and ‘read’ the book by having a conversation.

    Think this could be for you? Find out more and apply here: https://humanlibrary.org/meet-our-human-books/get-published/


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